Luardos, King of Burritos

Get ready for the weekend everyone! It’s a wrap.

When you were younger did you ever play the game spot the yellow car?

Well this version is a little bit different, try to spot a parked Turquoise van with a trail of ravenous visitors.

If you’ve been working hard, eating that leftover dinner you carry to work every day hovered over your computer, then give yourself a break right now and head down to White Cross Street Market!

Introducing… Luardos Mexican street food.

Among many of my favourites – Churros brosCrêperie Nicolas, Street kitchen (of course), Bhangra burger, this is quickly becoming one of them.




Now I am not normally a big fan of burritos, apologies to those who are pro-burrito, but how could I feel anything less than satisfied by the offering of a freshly made wrap for £5  stuffed with either roast chicken, beef, vegetarian or carnitas (slow cooked pork) alongside extra guacamole and chorizo (for 50p more). Wrapped and ready to go.

Quite a heavy tortilla wrap so no need for dinner (many of my male friends would gladly disagree).

The main Whitecross Street Market is on every Thursday and Friday 11am- 5pmLuardos can be found everyday from lunchtime until late afternoon, minutes away from old street station.

FYI: lunchtime expect a queue but it moves very quickly – no worries.

For all you festival goers Luardos is a regular visitor to Lovebox, Blissfields and Glastonbury.

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