Ping Pong’s unlimited Dim Sum


I’ve only recently found out about Ping Pong’s Lazy Sunday Brunches,  (HOW COULD THIS BE because they’ve been doing it for years) and since then I’ve been looking for the right companion who’s equally #teamsimplecarbs as me to taste (WRONG, binge on) unlimited dim sum for £20.95

No time or quantity limits to the offer, we stayed for 3 and a half hours exhausting the waitress by every means possible, only until she thought we were sticking around for dinner as well. So thick skinned, oh you wish I was talking about the dumplings.

We ordered our dim sums from a big tick box menu* of soups, rice pots, dumplings, shu mais and spring rolls, all arriving in steamers of three.

*Offer excludes desserts and speciality dishes, but these will be clearly marked so you won’t have to worry about any hidden charges.

In my opinion the dim sums were a hit and miss, some turned mushy from over steaming because they were all placed in an industrial steamer behind the counter, but most were true to its origins with chewy translucent skins stuffed full of chunks of pork or prawn. The ones I recommend are the pork shu mais and the prawn balls (prawns wrapped in a layer of deep fried noodles).

A few close ups:






Several hours later…



Paying £20.95 each for a £72.70 bill. Win!


Much cheaper than ordering from the à La Carte menu, but still far from fighting the recession, Ping Pong is a budget friendly introduction for dim sum noobies to try everything at least once.

The restaurant is a chain around central London and is easily accessible via walking distance from major tube stations e.g. the Soho branch is minutes away from Oxford Street Station. I found the perfect times to go were between 2-4pm, for some valuable peace and quiet away from the summer sales happening on Oxford Street at the moment.

Service: 8/10 

Taste: 7/10

Price: 9/10
Ping Pong on Urbanspoon

Square Meal

– L


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