The Lobster Roll at B.O.B’s

London Bridge was one of the first places I lived when I moved here for uni but back then I didn’t pay much attention to anywhere other than Nandos. There was no need for me to look further as they always looked after students by means of free chicken. Going back to Borough Market/Southbank today in search of a VW lobster van was something out of my comfort zone…

After an amazing experience at Burger and Lobster, I wanted another encounter with my sweet and tender Lobsters. It also has to be cheap! Not an unreasonable request for an item of luxury right?

Parked opposite ‘The Wright Brother’s Oyster Bar’, B.O.B. chefs served lobsters right from underneath its drop down roof.




Choose from 4 Lobster themed foods including Lobster Bisque, Lobster Mac n Cheese and Tuna Tacos. Me and F thought we’d play it safe with the most popular item on the menu – Lobster Roll.


Taste: 8/10

It was great. Sweet chunks of lobster meat with a little mayo wrapped in a buttery toasted brioche bun. I was in a better state than I had arrived, but if there’d been small sides available on the menu to order as well my meal would have felt complete.



Lobster Roll £11


Value: 8/10

Holding onto what little knowledge of value I have left living in London, the price is steep for a street vendor but considering the quality and quantity of the lobster, £11 is very justifiable and the only difference I could account for between this and the one in Burger and Lobster is that the brioche roll in B&L was bigger presumably to add extra weight to the meal.


Atmosphere: 8/10

Spacious open air perfect for the summer, and within close proximity to other bars.

There was a slight issuing with seats, as the lovely deck chairs in front of the van had been taken so I had the choice of sitting on a step on the street or the big canteen style tables in front of The Ginger Pig. Was I really prepared to lay out some cardboard on the streets looking like a homeless man? NO. So this left me with no choice but to venture into Ginger Pig’s Territory.



B.O.B’s Lobster pop-up will only be here until September.

Tuesday – Saturday 19:00 – 22:30

How do you keep up with all the new summer pop-ups?

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7 thoughts on “The Lobster Roll at B.O.B’s

  1. Bummed I didn’t know about this when we were in the area last weekend! We wandered around Borough Market though and couldn’t eat ANYTHING because we had lunch reservations somewhere else. It was a total bummer, this may have pushed me over the edge.

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