Beigel Bake

 ‘Food for under a fiver’ – Brilliant!


Somewhere along brick lane is this, my guilty pleasure. With a selection of beigels and not bagels (we won’t get into that debate) filled with either salmon, egg, salami, tuna or salt beef – you must have the salt beef.

Coming into a bakery like this you know exactly what to expect and I left with a massive grin on my face. The ultimate USP some may say is its opening hours of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you stop for tea, coffee, cake, or a quick chat with the locals (drunk or sober day or night) guaranteed you will find something for everyone.

Missing the rain by just a split second, I was greeted with “Hello darlin, what can I get you?”

“Salt beef beigel and apple strudel please.”

Less than 3 minutes later and presto, presented in a brown paper bag – you’ve got your grub and is good to go.

You ask, how much?

Salt beef bagel £3.70,

Apple strudel £0.50

Cup of tea £0.50 need I say more?

Other pastries include chocolate brownies, muffins, apple turnovers, doughnuts and coconut slices. For those bread lovers Chola, Rye, Platzel and Plain rolls are also available.




My Beigel was generously filled with 4 chunky pieces of beef.

My dessert was lavished with apples and plenty of sugar, just how I like it.


                                                    Three words cheap and cheerful. Now where is my paper?
Location:  10/10

Serive:  8/10

Food:  8/10

Price:  10/10


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