Snowflake Gelato

Soho is my mecca for the best gelatos: Amorino, Gelupo and the newly opened Snowflake Gelato has definitely sweetened up my life.

One should be sufficiently enticed by Snowflake’s gelatos that contain ‘half the fat of traditional ice cream, giving a smoother, fuller flavour”, or their Sorbettos that are “fat-free, dairy-free and totally delicious’. For whatever reason you need to bury your face in a tub of quality treat (no judging here), you’ll be happy to know that all of it is also freshly made in store using natural and organic ingredients. Gelato or Sorbetto, rich or refreshing, the two frozen desserts are vibrantly displayed in the shop counter with almost every flavour you could wish for.

We browsed through the glossy menu eyeing up everything from sundaes to chocolate fondues, the scent of warm waffles cradling us in the sweet serenade, before finally settling for the mother of all gelato boats:



Twenty-three gelato choices* with fresh berries, wafers, chocolate covered ‘cigars’, chewy caramel pieces and PLENTY of caramel sauce. Gosh you don’t need to tell me twice.


Ideal for up to six people

*You can choose your favourites either from the menu or shop counter.

I loved the contrast of different textures, like the crunch of cookies, hazelnuts and honeycombs to the smoothness of the gelatos. With so many unique flavours in front of us and a session spanning over 2hrs, we didn’t feel like it was too overpowering or sweet. A few favourites included:

  • Pistachio (surprise surprise) – A fantastic take on a gelato classic.
  • Coffee – Strong and smooth, just like Italian men.
  • Praline – Super rich and nutty.
  • Strawberry – Sorbetto, light and refreshing.
  • Coconut – Incredibly mellow and light.

Apparently the best way to bring out the gelato’s everlasting creaminess is to have it slightly melted, caressing every piece of raspberry, strawberry and caramel floating around the bowl. I thought, perfect, how else does one eat 23 scoops?

IMG_5235_Fotor IMG_5232_Fotor

The dessert was so extravagant looking that for the first time ever we were photobombed by a group of tourists and one lady even got on a stool. Really, the paparazzi will do anything these days.

The gelateria has relatively limited seating and can get packed out pretty quickly especially during evenings and weekends i.e. theres no room to swing a cat even if you wanted to… For larger groups, I’d recommend coming at quieter times, this is the perfect location to catchup with friends.

Taste: 9/10
Price: 8/10
Service: 8/10


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