Jubo – Korean Fast Food

If you haven’t tried it, you need to get yourself some Korean D…rumsticks.

I don’t know much about korean fried chicken but I do know about chicken from the cottage, and oh boy does the latter seem so pale and pidgeon-like in comparison to the juicy pieces rolled in golden armoury of batter challenging everything I thought I knew about fried chicken. I confess a Shoreditch check-in wasn’t bad for twitter RTs either… Forever gone are the days of being slumped over the counter at elephant and castle chicken cottage ordering something as miserable as my face #youarewhatyoueat #buti’mnotachicken #lookatmenow.

Described as Korean fast food, except there’s nothing seedy or mass produced about Jubo, the delicate art of chicken pirouetting in batter is very real and you can see it as you wait for your food to arrive in the main restaurant area. All the staff are so lovely too and actually makes an effort to smile and socialise with you. The pleasant vibes were set for a good evening…get ready for the hottest boning of your lives.

One thing I’d take note of is the amount of space when seated. The tables and chairs are tightly packed and I accidentally punched a guy in the back hanging my coat up on the chair.


IMG_4745_FotorSo sweet and refreshing! Possibly one of the best endorsed alcoholic drinks in Korea, CLICK to see our favourite boys in action (jury’s still out on their hair though).



The Jubo Special

 2 wings & 2 strips + Hite Beer £10


Our wings arrived fresh from the fryer, golden and heat still dissipating off the back. The kitchen must have loved us so much that they slipped in an extra one. Whether it was accidental or intentional we love you back!

Chewing through the wings was an even crispier and more flavourful experience than first imagined with the hot+sweet or garlic+soy sauce covering the juicy chicken inside. The spices alone have enough power to unblock sinuses and with a bit of sheer deliciousness I’m convinced it’s cured my cold.



Steak Bulgolgi Sub

Caramelised Onions, Peppers, Gochujiang Mayo, Cheddar £6.50


Chicken Roll

Fried Chicken Fillet, Kimchi Slaw, Gochujiang Mayo £6.60


Our burger was the same crispy fried chicken with the added bonus of kimchi slaw and gochujiang mayo sandwiched in a light sesame bun. If you want to make a bigger impact, there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing the sriracha in the middle of the table and adding more heat to your burger. Some rely on hot water bottles others rely on sriracha bottles through the winter.

The steak bulgogi sub was also demolished in no time with melted cheese dripping from the sides and into every crevice of the steak.


The food top notch, the service top notch, the staff went out of their way to cater to us like dividing all of the food in half without even requesting for it.

In total we paid around £15 each which I thought was reasonable considering a drink came with the meal too. For bigger groups, I highly recommend the £30 chicken platter that should comfortably feed 4.

I love this place, easy and tasty. Double your money and make a stack.

Jubo’s menu is expanding check out what’s new on their website below.

Price: 9/10

Taste: 10/10

Service: 10/10



Jubo on Urbanspoon

Square Meal 


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