Sorry, a quick post today!

Luckily we grabbed the last 2 seats at the Borough Market branch of Brindisa, a few seconds later and we would have been banished to a 45 minute wait. The restaurant operates a strict no booking policy and a two hour eating time per group, so it’s best to try and avoid the peak lunch/dinner times if possible and split into groups of 2-3 to ensure you are seated quickly.

We ordered a few small dishes to share as the waiter suggested:

Deep Fried Monte Enebro £7.60

Goat’s cheese with honey and sweet potato chips


Cured Ham Croquettes £6.90


Chilli Garlic Prawns £8.95


Pan-fried Padron Peppers £5.70


Could you be the 1 in 10 little guy? 


Traditional Almond Cake with Ice Cream £4.95



The consistency and creativity of the goats cheese tapas was well received by the both of us.

The ham croquettes and the shrimps were nice and moreish, but with a price tag of £9 per 5 prawns and £7 per 4 croquettes they should have been more than just nice.

The almond cake was very yummy, had a light macaroon quality and was big enough for 2 to share.



I really hated the Padron Peppers, the novelty of playing Russian Roulette quickly wore off as we learnt none of them contained the 1 in 10 hidden chilli peppers, so much of what we were necking was in fact small bitter peppers and rocks of salt.


Overal feeling post eating:

Food was average and overpriced despite its cult following.

Price: 4/10

Taste: 6/10

Service: 8/10

Tapas Brindisa on Urbanspoon

Square Meal



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