Pitt Cue Co.

After the rave review and glistening pictures from Munchmyway, I think it was time for another one of those nights – harnessing the power of meat and having no regrets for eating more than the boys. With this in mind I summoned a few friends and headed down Carnaby Street to an establishment called Pitt Cue Co.

If a no reservation zone has taught me anything, it’s that it wasn’t going to be easy getting in. Everyone in line had to earn their right to a spot in the tiny 20 seater restaurant and ours could not have been more dramatic against the nature’s finest rain, wind and iciness for an hour with our only solace the promise of a happy pig frolicking and rolling around on the grill/in its own fat.

Bottom line is, just arrive before 6pm to ensure a minimum wait.

We were led down the steps to an old wine cellar-esque room with exposed brickwork, retro music and dimly lit candles before shuffling past other diners to our seats on the adjoining bench. The whole atmosphere was rough and ready with a vintage feel.

The waiter kindly explained the menu and we were left to breathe in the woody smell of the smoke pit before ordering:

*Warning Pitt Cue Co. does not serve desserts*



Beer, Soda water, G&T and Cranberry Juice (one I highly recommend for the ladies, and make it virgin).




Caramel Ribs £7.50




Smoked Jowel £16.50


Pulled Pork £11.50


Smoked Mangalitza Shoulder Chop £16.50



Choose one side per main dish including Bone Marrow Mash, Beet Horseradish & Hazelnut Salad and Grilled Hispi Cabbage.


Grilled Hispi Cabbage


Served on what I believed to be prison plates, the presentation was minimalist. The gigantic tin pans allowed the meat and companions to mingle and the flavours intertwine, so if you enjoy your food heavily sloshed in sauce then this is a bonus.



  • Oozing tender BBQ juiciness, the pulled pork was by far my favourite and Timeout’s too – voted as one of the 100 best dishes of 2012.
  • The Bone Marrow mash was thick and velvety in texture doused in rich bone marrow gravy and infused with a big dollop of garlic butter.
  • The smoked Jowl is the cheek part of an animal (a quick google), ours had the texture and consistency of fatty pork belly – crispy skin covering a marbling of fat and lean meat.


  • Most of the dishes we ordered were on the sodium-heavy side, which was such a shame as we couldn’t taste beyond the overpowering saltiness to the long list of herbs also used in the smoking process.
  • The portion sizes were next to nothing, £7.50 for 3 pieces of small ribs to anyone is outrageous.


The restaurant has a fast turnover of customers, very much touch and go – you drink, eat and pay all within 45 mins. Great as a stop off before making your way to other parts of the city, a romantic dinner date on the other hand, not so much.

The service was informative, polite and not overly pushy. Overall, I’m not as impressed as the other bloggers, but I got my meat fix so it was all gravy.


Price: 5/10

Taste: 7/10

Service: 10/10

Atmosphere: 8/10



Square Meal

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