The Old Fire Station

Believe it or not, The Old Fire Station was once in fact a fully operational Fire Station back in the days of 1904. Seeing the red paint in all its glory, what kind of cuisine do you think they serve?

The restaurant has an extensive Middle Eastern menu with a bar that serves an equally extensive list of cocktails and beer. The unusual pairing of decor vs cuisine reminded me of a little place here.

In the summer months, the full length windows open to welcome in beams of sunshine while remaining closed in the winter to preserve the warmth radiance of the candles wrapping diners in a sultry veil of amber, mahogany and burgundy. The shadows created from the flames flickered around the dark wooden furniture and the victorian picture frames that floated above us.

Don’t forget to greet the doorman on your way in, he guards the main entrance without a blink…creepy.


Turkish Tea


Spicy Meat Pot 

Choice of chicken/lamb/beef cooked with red chilli peppers, coconut cream, onions, spices & vegetables, served with Basmati rice and potato wedges £10.90


I was hoping The Spicy Meat Pot was my entry into Middle Eastern cuisine, but it didn’t inspire me to want to order more. How do I describe it? The broth was of the highest quality epsom salt bath. The chicken was nicely done but the salt bath drowned out much of anything else inside the pot. I never did receive the side of potato wedges either.

With a feeling of emptiness, I moved onto my friend’s course. I am a notorious food snatcher.


Mixed Meze 

Spinach & Feta Pastry (V) – Filo pastry rolled with feta cheese and spinach

Sucuk Izgara – Grilled Turkish spicy beef garlic sausages

Halloumi (V) – Grilled Cyprus Cheese

Diced Lamb with Hummus – Pureed chick peas topped with sautéed lamb pieces and pine nuts

Garlic Mushrooms – Pan fried mushrooms with garlic, parsley and parmesan cheese

Falafel – Vegetarian balls made with broad beans, chick peas, celery, fresh herbs served with hummus 


The Meze platter was so much nicer compared to the pot of chicken, being a fantastic option if you want to take the thinking out of ordering and fancy trying a bit of everything. It is also served with an unlimited basket of freshly baked bread with chilli hummus and olives, hurray!


Adana Kofte 

Grilled spicy lamb kofte served with Basmati rice and salad £9.95


The grilled spicy lamb was well flavoured and had a slight char that gave it extra smokiness, just look at the juice rolling off the back of the meat.


Although it was a hit and miss with the menu, the overall quality of the meat was succulent and of a great cut. The prices were fair and even with outstanding service, the extra service charge was not included in the final bill.

I’ll definitely be revisiting again for the restaurant’s breakfast who have a reputation of their own – mounts of bacon, sausage, beans, eggs for only £5-6.

Hangover be gone.

Taste: 7/10

Price: 8/10

Service: 10/10




Square Meal


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