Yokoso, Docklands



Part of Yokoso’s charm is being so well hidden that it remains an uncharted territory for many living outside of the Docklands. Your trip down east to this hidden gem will be so worth it once you’ve seen the Special Rolls it has to offer and the view it has casting over the River Thames. FoodSpotting was how I first came across this restaurant (a great app to find inspiration), the pictures lured me in and BAM it’s been placed on the map ever since.

The locals definitely take full advantage of Yokoso’s accessibility and value for money, with many enjoying the serenity and homely ambiance in slippers and shorts, something that might not see you pass the reception of say, Zuma. You can just about get away with wearing anything here and besides, the food shall be doing all the impressing today.

The menu is heavily dominated by Japanese and Korean classics such as Sushi, Tempura and Bulgogi. More delicate dishes are also available with the likes of Tartare and Carpaccio.


Special Rolls:


Ladies Roll
King prawn, cream cheese, wasabi tobiko, mango, strawberry, whipped cream.


Dragon Roll
Prawn tempura, eel, cucumber, spring onion, avocado, tobiko.


Crispy Duck Roll
Aromatic duck, spring onion, fresh chilli, hoisin miso.


Meaty, delicious and fresh – and that’s how you tell if a chef truly cares about what goes on in the kitchen.

Don’t be scared to try the Ladies Roll either! A combination of fruit and cream may seem best served on top of an afternoon scone, but rest assured that it compliments the natural sweetness of King Prawns very well indeed. Another favourite of mine was the warm Crispy Duck Roll in a layer of deep fried nori.

The rolls arrive in a set of 6-8 pieces and would act as a substantial starter shared amongst a group of people, or as a main course for a lone diner of one.


Korean Menu:


Dolsot Bibimbap
Beef and mixed vegetables with spicy sauce on rice, served in a traditional hot stone bowl.


Sundubu Chigae
Spicy silken tofu soup with seafood, vegetables and egg. Steamed rice (separate)


Both dishes had the wonders of Gochujang giving the food a beautifully red hue, savoury depth and incredible heat. I swear by this sauce when I’m cooking at home too.

In total the entire meal worked out to be £50, that’s £25 per person – I was prepared for more damage given the amount of food we ordered. In addition, the lovely experience could not have been made possible without the staff who were attentive, polite and gave me endless compliments. A girl loves her compliments. Gold stars.

To top it all off, first time diners also receive a 50% discount on their next visit.


Taste: 9/10

Value: 10/10

Service: 10/10


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