The Lobster Pot

I’ve found life at the bottom of the ocean.

By life I mean The Lobster Pot and by bottom of the ocean I mean Elephant and Castle.

I’m proud to say that I have done my homework before coming here, page after page of rave reviews depicting this boat themed restaurant as a local hotspot from its bespoke service to the carefully chosen ingredients fresh from Billingsgate Market.

Imagine this quirky scenario as you’re browsing through your starters – surrounded by portholes, fish nets, and the distant echoes of seagulls, you slowly begin to feel the gentle sway of your chair and table as your boat travels out to sea…



Fishing from these portholes is strongly prohibited.


We chose our mains from the chalk board menu featuring the specials of the day:

  • Lightly battered Fish Cheeks in a citrus sauce
  • Seafood platter including 1/2 Lobster, Razor Clams, Squid and Cod lightly dripped in champagne sauce

All mains include a side of sweet potato mash, potatoes and beans.


Fish Cheeks £28 – Meaty bites of fish in a sharp citrus sauce, unconventional and delicious.


Seafood platter £39 – 1/2 Lobster, Razor Clams, Squid and Cod lightly dripped in champagne sauce


Let’s talk about the seafood. It was so fresh that it melted and flaked in all the right areas. I like this platter because you get to sample a little bit of everything without having to burn all your Elizabeths (££) in the process. The variation of different textures, like the bouncy Razor Clam and the soft flakey cod brought character and dimension to the dish.  When I say dripped in champagne, less was definitely more here, the rich sauce was just enough to add meltability to the seafood without being overtly overpowering.

Each seafood was also prepared according to its firmness, whether it was grilled or baked, it left behind a golden stamp of approval.


Atlantic Oysters £2.20 each

Oysters are always amazing.

On a side note, could this be the smallest bottle of Tabasco ever? We were educated on the existence of a Tabasco club that supplied the restaurant with these cute little things! Where’s my membership?

Chips (small) £3.50

The naked chips and I were too embarrassed to ask for Ketchup in a restaurant like this.


The service was excellent, the whole crew made us feel like we were the only customers in the packed out restaurant, putting on our bibs, offering freshly baked in-house bread and taking the time to explain the menu.

This would be an interesting venue for a date. The restaurant has an intimate ambiance to roughly 20 diners on the main deck, with additional seating available upstairs but the owner strongly recommends to book ahead of time.

The seafood at The Lobster Pot was so good that I still have dreams about it… every flake, every chunk, every crumb… mmm.

The occasional treat but pricey.


Taste: 9/10

Value: 7/10

Decor: 10/10

Service: 10/10


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