The Four Corners Cafe

The Four Corners Cafe opened a little over a week ago in Lower Marsh near Waterloo station, I was tweeted and thought I’d pop by and say hi!

The owner Gary explained how he wanted to create a space for fellow travellers to freely daydream about their next holiday and share a few stories from their previous ones, drawing inspiration from items dotted around the cafe whether it be a travel brochure, an atlas or a sophisticated blend of teas from around the world. This is perfect, I need a dose of inspiration for the summer. Gary also joked about how the boarded up cafe pre-openig was mistaken for a travel agency. The guesses weren’t far off.


Cappuccino £2.50IMG_4020_Fotor

Mango Sunrise £2.50


For all fruit-tea lovers, you have to try the Mango Sunrise. It is completely the right thing to do on a hot summer day. The delicate infusion of mangos helps to bring you inner peace when all you feel is agitation thinking about sticking to other commuters on the tube, and the fragrant tea helps to quench your thirst once you let it cool down. In the meantime, avoid holding up the teacup to direct sunlight which may re-boil it again.

Yumchaa* recommends – Mango Sunrise is particularly popular as an iced tea when those summer days are with us… or when they’re not just turn the heating up and pretend.

*All teas are provided by Yumchaa and are available for purchase either in store or online.


I asked if I could take a peek inside their Wild Rose tea



After an hour spent at the coffee shop sifting through traveling brochures instead of the usual Stylist, I finally found the kick to start researching for Bali, a place I’ve always wanted to go but never got around to doing it.



The Four Corners



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