A Beachfront Bar in Brighton

Brighton is one of the most beautiful seaside towns you will ever visit, well known for its beaches, seafood and the night life. Sadly I only had time to stay for the day but hitting two out of three wasn’t bad.

Walking along the pebbled beaches almost reminded me of being back in the south of France, especially as the temperatures soared up to highs of 30. Make the most of this weather and book a day trip today!


It turned midday, we were hungry, parched and burnt to a crisp. If only dried squid could walk… Time for us to turn our attention to an established seafood restaurant a few steps from the beautiful coastline – Riddle & Finns. 

Champagne and Oysters anyone?

A google of this restaurant and any review site will tell you this is a destination you unequivocally have to visit on your trip.


We found our way to the open-aired top floor of the restaurant and secured a seat overlooking the ocean with gentle kisses from the sea breeze.

Guilty of a few too many G&T’s in the morning already, we weren’t quite hungry enough to order a three course meal but one thing we wanted without fail was the restaurant’s oysters. It’s the town’s freshest delicacy and I challenge you to find it better anywhere else.


6 Oysters £14


Pan Fried King Prawns £7.75


Most of the foods listed on the menu were pricey but it was worth every penny – incredibly fresh and cooked to perfection. That’s it! I have nothing else to say.



Chips £1.50

Basket – Free


I couldn’t have fish (kind of) without having chips too. We headed into a sports bar on our walk back to the train station, ordered some chips and chatted to the bartenders for a bit. Only after ordering did I realise we had 15 minutes to leg it back to the train station and in a shitless panic we grabbed our belongings and stuffed a handful of chips hot off the fryer into our mouths. Struggling to breathe and eat at the same time, the lovely bar tender gave us a basket and extra condiments to take away.

I will remember this superior customer service.

If only all of us were fortunate enough to live in this beautiful escape. I’m looking up tickets now for Newquay or St. Ives, I heard they have an amazing surfing culture.

Square Meal

Riddle and Finns on Urbanspoon


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