Nitro Ice Cream, Chin Chin Labs

Watch these guys down at the Chin Chin laboratories in Camden Market make fresh ice cream in less than two minutes with a little help from the master of special effects – liquid nitrogen.

I came with the pure fascination of wanting to see Europe’s first Nitrogen ice cream, and I didn’t have to look hard to find the parlour either as the waft of sweet caramel hot off the burner led my nose straight to its doors.

The lovely laborartisans (part lab technician part artists, yes I went there) explained why using this technique was more advanced and theatrical than the usual process – The liquid nitrogen freezes the mixture incredibly fast which does not allow bigger ice crystals to form, resulting in a smoother and more intense flavour.

I made my order and watched closely as the liquid nitrogen dissipated as quickly as it formed. Within seconds, the entire countertop was engulfed by the white fume and a few seconds later, the man’s legs were gone.


Within seconds…



A few seconds more…



The Results


Valrhona Chocolate – Dense, Rich, Fudgey Ganache

Topping – Honey Peanuts



Strawberry and Hay – Wimbledon Special. 24 hr hay infused milk paired together with sonata strawberries. Things that grow together go together

Topping – Burnt White Chocolate



I really liked the Strawberry and Hay in the style of a creamy sorbet. The infusions of hay gave the ice cream a mellow undertone I couldn’t quite describe and together with the zing of the strawberries and the burnt white chocolate, the combination was matched down to a science.

A generous scoop with 1 topping or syrup costed £3.95, it is a little expensive for ice cream but taking into account the production process and the labour needed to make each batch, the novelty and price was worth my trip.

The special flavours also change weekly, this week was Watermelon and Dill, so make sure you come back to try out their new flavours if you’ve enjoyed their previous ones.


Variety: 7/10

Taste: 8/10

Price: 7/10

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