Amorino – Artisanal Gelato

One of my favourite ways to cool down in a city reaching 30 degrees (with not a fan or AC in sight) is to head over to the prettiest Gelateria in town.

You really have to visit Amorino in person to fully appreciate the skill that goes into hand crafting each and every one of their gelato bouquets. You can customise your flower, petal by petal, to pretty shades of Emerald Greens, Ruby Reds and Coral Oranges. Each vibrant colour is a different flavour and I say the bigger the bouquet the better!

I stood hovering over the counter for a while confused by the Italian names that didn’t really match with the pictures above them. So many questions yet so little time… Do I love myself today to get the biggest one? Does the amaretto and tiramisu have alcohol in it? Where did I want my Pistachios – Bosforo or Sicily? Where is Bosforo? Let me google it.

In the end I settled for an Amaretto, Pistachio from Bosforo and Tiramisu Gelato. All boxes ticked.


Amaretto, Pistachio Bosforo, Tiramisu – medium cone £4.50


Banana, Raspberry, Dark chocolate – medium cone £4.50


The flavours were as intense and smooth as they looked but best of all, none of it was enhanced by artificial flavours or colours. The gelato can be served in traditional cones, crepes, waffles or focaccines.

I know it may seem slightly on the expensive side, but the quality of the gelato was genuinely delicious and I’d happily treat myself and a few lucky ladies to Amorino again. This is such a cute spot right in the heart of Soho, and it stays open most days of the week until midnight, so if you are around the area after dinner or a few drinks pop down and try some!

While I was in the neighbourhood today I also bumped into Lucy Liu!! She’s even more beautiful and tiny in person and I wanted her autograph and picture but I thought I’d play it cool and walk away…just act normal.

Variety: 10/10

Taste: 10/10

Price: 10/10


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Square Meal

– L


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