London’s first Tofu Bar, Naga

Tofu’s not just for hippies and Asians thanks Evening Standard.

Traditionally best known for its simplicity served alongside soy sauce and a scatter of spring onions, did you know tofu is also capable of vast versatility from cocktails, desserts and stuffing? Naga’s mini bar menu shows us a few simple variations to liven up this nutrient dense food.

We ordered the two tofu cocktails Tofu Twist and Tofu Colada (both not on the menu so please ask the bartender nicely). He explained the Tofu Twist was a mix of soy milk, Frangelico, and dark Crème de Cacao, it tasted like chilled Baileys but sweeter, nuttier and thinner in consistency. Tofu Colada was slightly thicker and more in the style of a smoothie with blended tofu, coconut and rum. Health never tasted this good… TRY THIS IF THE WORD BLAND IS STILL ON YOUR MIND.

From the special bar menu, choose from 4 tofu dishes ranking in softness from silken up to crispy and firm. It arrives in 3-4 dainty pieces per dish and only cost £3.50 each.

Looking around we noticed other tables ordering the same foods, clearly Londoners have caught wind of the city’s first ever tofu bar.



Tofu Twist

Tofu Colada


Mixed Tofu Platter – Chilled Silken Tofu with Roasted Tomato

Crispy Tofu with Seven Spice Pepper with Citrus Wasabi dip

Steamed Silken Tofu with Chives with Sesame Dip


Silken Tofu with Ginger Dressing


Spicy Tofu Fries With Citrus Wasabi dip


Tofu Pouches –
Stuffed with beansprouts, shredded carrots with a sweet chilli dip


Lotus Chips


What gave the delicate flavour of tofu the unique characters we’ve grown to love was the individual dipping sauces: the sweet but light ginger dressing with a hint of oyster, the fiery citrus wasabi dip and the creamy sesame dip that all hinted towards tofu as an undoubtedly treasured item of Asian cuisine.

Our unanimous favourite had to be the silken tofu with ginger dressing, the stark contrast between the crispy outer casing and the weightless silky tofu on the inside was a pure rave in our mouths. 4 starter plates was all it took to find the happy medium between modesty and a comatic state of overindulgence. Self control was definitely exerted or else another round would have been easily called.

‘Stop taking pictures, your food’s getting cold!’

This manager is probably the jokiest and most involved manager you will ever meet. We did make a few promises to him like coming back a second time, taking a few more shots and bringing our mamas along too, all words we’d like to keep.




Especially as the weather is getting warmer now, this is the type of light and cooling food we prefer as a healthier alternative to the recent explosion of American-style fast food chains across London.

One last request… please please please make some tofu desserts!


Service: 10/10

Atmosphere: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Price: 10/10


Tofu Menu


– L

Square Meal

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