The Latin American Takeover Part 1. Yoobi

From Rio to Tokyo and now London…

There’s currently a mini heatwave happening at the start of June…about sweet time! Unlike the lucky few, some of us have to work all summer and this is as close as it gets to a week of delinquency on some Spanish beach.


L: It’s a known fact that us Asians have slowly infiltrated London, but this article here shines a light on the emergence of another type of cuisine in the recent times.

Yoobi serves a selection of sashimi, sushi and of course their speciality – the Temaki. Temaki is a special one, it combines the ingredients of sushi to the wrapping technique formally originated from Brazil, forming a bouquet display that’s visually appealing and gives the art of sushi another twist.

A: A little worldly fact from Master Google – did you know Brazil has the largest population of Japanese demographic outside of Japan itself? Now when it comes to restaurants, I love to watch the chefs do their thing and create everything in front of your eyes. From eating in or taking out, food is also delivered to offices for free, every snack time can now be the right time, say no to the doughnut cart.


20hr Cured Salmon – Beautifully soft and creamy

Fresh Wasabi Tuna – Wasabi crème hidden in a bed of tuna with a sprinkle of chives

King Crab California – Crabmeat with crunchy cucumber and bursts of salmon roe


L: This cone wrap literally laughed in the face of the one-bite sushi rule. No more pushing the last flap of roll into your mouth with a pair of chopsticks or fear the loss of filling to the plate beneath, you could take as many bites as you wanted to, it all stays nicely tucked inside the nori wrap. No fish fingers.

Can someone please invent a similar way to eat tacos, hot dogs and glazed doughnuts?

Choose from four separate Temaki categories – Deluxe (£4), Special (£3.60) , Original (£3.20) and the Temaki Special Menu changing weekly, pushing diners to try something new every week.

The fish were so fresh and it dissolved the minute I began chewing. The fatty texture of the fish (mostly salmon), came from the omega-3 fatty acids that naturally occur within the fish itself. For those who want a flash of radiance to their skin and above all to ensure a healthy heart, we should all be eating at least 1 portion of oily fish a week.



Ice Cream Mochi – Green tea, Coconut (£2 each)


A: The Ice Cream Mochi was a texture like I’ve never tasted before. For those who have sensitive teeth (like me who has just had the wisdom knocked out), let the mochi soften in your mouth for a few seconds and then the chewing becomes more bearable. I’m rooting for green tea and coconut flavours all the way, coconut a little bit more.

L: Yes, whilst A puts her dentures back in, let me tell you, this place was cheap and convenient, Yoobi crazy not to try it out (couldn’t resist the pun!).

Location: 10/10

Service: 10/10 

Decor: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Price: 9/10

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Square Meal


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