Big Easy Meat Feast

Gut busting on a beat

Rack City

Rack Rack City

Lobsters, ribs, chicken and some slushiez

14.95 lizzies spend it all on ribs you guessed it

Behind the bar quick stock check I know you selling it


I love Big Easy enough to be back for a second time in two weeks with my membership card ready to collect them loyalty points. I’ll be qualified for a free meal very soon…

Value for money is not what you’d normally associate Chelsea with, but this American diner on Kings Road is practically giving away food to those on an average income of -20k a year like me. Students!

Big Easy serves an unlimited buffet-style menu every day of the week (all £14.95) including:

  • Mondays – The Big Pig Gig, All you can eat BBQ ribs and chicken + beer/drink served with beans and slaw
  • Tuesdays – All you can eat deep friend shrimp + margarita or beer served with fries and slaw
  • Wednesdays – All you can eat fajitas + margarita or beer

For their full menus and deals click here.

Booking a table ahead of your arrival is essential, if possible a few weeks in advance as the evening slots are the first ones to go on busy days. My entourage got there an hour late for our reservation (our fault), but somehow the hostesses managed to swiftly find us a table among the packed out diner as we waited with a few cocktails by the bar. Great service on door.

If you like your 1 a day, I highly recommend The Big Pig Gig on Mondays. The unlimited servings of sauce-loaded ribs or chicken thighs were incredibly juicy and easily fell apart as I cut into it, and there was just enough char on the meat to give it a seared crispiness and some woody aroma. Screw utensils, just ask for some extra napkins to wipe away the sauce from your fingers and the corners of your mouth.

For the complete cheapskate, here’s a quick guide to eating your way through a buffet and getting your money’s worth: avoid all drinks, bread rolls and go in straight for the pure animal protein. We did this and managed to sustain 3 rounds averaging 4 racks and 2 thighs each, thats 2 pigs and a chicken per person.

We were also highly entertained by the live band who jammed to the sounds of 80s, 90s and 00s.

Image 3_Fotor_Collage

Key West Cooler (£7.45)

Banana Buddy Smoothie (£3.95)


big easy ribs

The Big Pig Gig (£14.95)

Round 1, Round 2 and K.O.

Image 4_Fotor

Bar-B-Q Smoked Baby Back Ribs + beans and slaw (Rack of 12 £15.90)

Obviously it doesn’t take anyone with basic mathematical skills to work out the Big Pig Gig is superior in value than the A la Carte choice, but both were winners in my eyes.


Image 5_Fotor

Chilled Mumbo Jumbo Combo – Whole Maine split lobster, peel and eat jumbo shrimp, Atlantic crab claws, citrus mayonnaise, honey mustard and cocktail dipping sauce (£12.50)

We also ordered the Chilled Mumbo Jumbo Combo for two people priced at £12.50 per person. The seafood was served on top of an ice bucket to keep it chilled. The texture was unbelievable and the dipping sauce on its own deserved an extra booster on the condiments menu.

Be aware that some of the items made for 2 or more people to share are sometimes served in the same giant bowl, e.g. the Bar-B-Q Blow Out and the Chilled Mumbo Jumbo Combo. I didn’t realise this and so nonchalantly waited for my portion to arrive. Girl you’ll be waiting all night.

Triple Layered Red Velvet + Ice Cream in Waffle Basket (£5.50)

Image 7_Fotor

Finally to round off the night, we ordered the diner’s famous Triple Layered Red Velvet with Ice Cream. Moist, creamy, crunchy. I can’t say enough good things about this place, I hope there’s nuff love to go around.

All is great, but I will reserve my judgements about one particular issue after the reaction I received in a previous post, apparently there’s no job security in catering.

I leave on this cryptic note, why was I in danger from a snapping turtle every time I came into contact with this creature?

Location: 10/10

Service: 5/10 

Decor: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Price: 10/10


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