The Towpath café

Beijing was my home for a year of my life, since then I have been searching for a hole in the wall where I can get a quick bite to eat whilst sitting outside talking to the locals and people watch. Many of these occasions involved a large bowl of noodles and a plate of freshly made dumplings on the side along with an old Chinese lady smacking my hand telling me I had to pick her fruits every time I walked past her stall.



The four large rectangular shaped holes comprised of a kitchen, the other an ordering and collection point and then two to sit in if you don’t want to be out in the open.

The Towpath café serves breakfast everyday from 8am, and 9am on the weekends. Your classics are served up such as fried eggs on toast, sausage sandwich, grilled cheese on toast and for lunch take a look at their chalk board and all will be revealed from quiche to homemade cakes. Nothing fancy, no nonsense simple food with great atmosphere.

Get that beverage of yours and patiently wait for the man who will call out your name with your food order, look for you in the crowd and bring you your fuel.


Fried eggs on toast £5.50

It’s not easy waiting for 20-25 minutes for fried eggs on toast when the heady aromas of food are twirling all around you, but with so many distractions the wait turned into more of an opportunity to people watch.

In the morning expect tranquillity, weekends are busier with reunions and the odd baby here and there. At night those graffiti sprayed grey roller shutters come down ready for another day.


The address is 36 De Beauvoir Crescent, not so well located on google, but all you need to do is walk along Regent’s canal from Dalston High Street and be on the lookout for a large crowd of people.
FOOD: 7/10 , perhaps a strong 8 if I had the cake



DECOR: 10/10 As long as there’s water nearby, I’m a happy woman.
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