The Churchill Arms

It’s difficult to fully capture the wonders of this pub with a few simple words and pictures, but I will try. The Churchill Arms is part museum, part pub with a little Thai flavour thrown in the mix. Nothing unusual about that.






What I liked:

I’ve lived in the UK for about 15 years now, and I have yet to experience sitting down to the comforts of pie and mash. This is unacceptable and I feel like I’m missing out on a whole genre of national pastime, but I will not neglect this and truly learn about life in the UK.

Hidden behind the Churchill memorabilia lies a petite Thai Restaurant with bird houses, plant pots, snail trails and the soft whisper of wind chimes as you brush past. Peace. The garden theme was cute but a trip to the toilet required more effort – duck and dive, bob and weave – my survival technique was to avoid getting my hair stuck in the foliage at all costs.

Not quite the traditional English pub dinner I was hoping for, but I still get points for having a pint right?

The food arrived quickly. No waiting. No problem.

The chicken stir fry with cashew and the spring rolls were nice, full of sodium and crunchiness. But sadly it was another story for S. who took 2 bites of her no.3 and was finished, describing it as more of a chicken soup than a stir fry. So to avoid getting yourselves stuck in the same pickle, ask the waitresses for suggestions if you are unsure.

All the mains are £7.50, which means you only end up paying about £10 for a hearty two course dinner. Even better, no service charge was added to the final bill and this is unheard of in London.




What I didn’t like:

I’m not used to eating in small packed areas, but suck it up, this is a small price to pay for dining in a famous pub in Notting Hill.

I had to finish the meal quickly and felt rushed at times because the restaurant had an hourly turnover. I had no time to order desserts but as long as you don’t mind, the pub area welcomes you with open (churchill) arms to order more food/drinks.

Overall this place was quick, fun and cheap, perfect for a risky blind date.

I’m on a mission for more pub food now, any suggestions?

Untitled 2

Location: 8/10

Service: 6/10 

Decor: 8/10

Food: 7/10

Price: 10/10


– L

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