The Scooter Caffè

Is it Caffè or Cafè?  Someone correct me on the spelling.

With cats roaming around, Vespas parked out front in the shop window, anything goes in this cafè in Waterloo.

The Scooter works is a quieter slice of London located on 132 Lower Marsh Street in Waterloo. Walking into this little cafè is like stepping onto the set of Hoarders. Its calm and relaxed atmosphere is almost a paradox to the bits and bobs of mismatched furniture lying around. But somehow it works, I’m sure its it’s all strategically placed to resemble that of an orderly chaos.

The Cafè has a fully licensed bar serving drinks all day too, shall I have a cheeky shot of whisky in my coffee?



DSC00797 number 4


Americano £2.00, Red Velvet slice £2.50


The Cafè has two floors and a garden patio which is great if you want to find a more secluded area to work on an office report, read a book or just some quiet me-time. I grabbed an armchair and pulled up to one of its wooden tables with an Americano and a slice of Red Velvet – the cafe welcomes you to bring your own food too, so it’s perfectly justified to take out your sandwiches wrapped in foil and other picnic attires having brought only one cup of coffee for the entire afternoon.

The Scooter caffè also has a sister cafe on Brixton Road – The Cable cafè holding live music sessions every Tuesday. Get your dancing shoes on sister!

For cat lovers, London’s first cat themed cafè will open sometime in the next few months on Old Street, and you can bet we will be there.

Location: 9/10 

Food: 8/10

Decor: 8/10

Service: 8/10 

Price: 9/10 

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