The Electric

Sometimes life would be so much easier if I could part the hoards of tourists on Portobello Road like Jesus did just to get to The Electric on a Saturday afternoon.

The Diner is part of ‘The Electric Complex’ situated in Notting Hill offering a cinematic, casual dining and a private members club experience all in one. The newly refurbished diner has recently reopened its doors to the public following a kitchen fire that claimed its former resident the Electric Brasserie a few months ago.

Serving favourites from Chef Sodikoff’s French-American restaurant in Chicago, this place is best known for serving comfort food of the best kind from two menus: The Breakfast and The All-day, depending on the time of your visit.   

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you with the sweet tooth! Freshly made glazed doughnuts are also available in the Electric Cinema right next door.




The atmosphere and decor are one and the same, fun, relaxed and American with red leather booths on one side of the restaurant and an open kitchen-bar on the other if you choose to pay close scrutiny to the chefs dressing their buns with care and precision. At the doors, diners flood in from the nearby Portobello Markets and their rhythms suddenly change from a hurried shuffle to a bop and nod. It’s too good to be true… someone with impeccable music taste has just put a dime in the jukebox for Notorious B.I.G.




Top: Double Cheeseburger (£13) + Fries (£5) + Bacon (£2)

Bottom: Shaved rib of beef and Monterey Jack (£13) Price includes chips, gravy and horseradish mayo.

The Shaved rib of beef – Thin and succulent slices of beef with Monterey cheese melted into a crispy baguette served with chips and sauce. The horseradish mayo was so so good, you can and WILL dip everything in it.

The Double Cheeseburger – Not sure what trickling down our elbows was either meat juice or fat, or both, one or the other it kept the meat moist and layered to new heights the beef and fatty bacon were a great dynamic duo.

*The double cheeseburger does not include sides, so extra sides and/or toppings will cost you an extra £2-£5 each.

All of the portions were huge, just look the heap of chips that consumed my tray and don’t underestimate the double cheeseburger either, it may look small but even without the sides it can overpower the most unassuming of diners. We learnt this the hard way… sitting there with grease seeping through our pores, we began to display symptoms of the meat shakes – sweaty and irritable. Needless to say we were stuffed to the rim and couldn’t stomach any desserts after. Not even a doughnut, what a shame.


For the doughnuts served in the foyer of the Electric Cinema, flavours differ every week which include :


  • Blueberry glaze
  • Pistachio
  • Buttermilk old fashioned
  • Birthday cake
  • Lemon and poppy seed

            – all priced at £1.50.






There’s also a sweet stand to get your usual pick n mix before a movie. Anyone whose a fan of Mrs kibbles will love this, make sure you arrive early to baet the queues!

Location: 10/10

Service : 8/10

Food: 8/10

Decor: 8/10

Price: 8/10


Square Meal

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