The Attendant

“Excuse me while I go to the lav” 

This is not what you think.


Ladies and gentlemen it is now officially the London Coffee festival

Where?    Everywhere in London: Old Truman Brewery, Soho, Hyde park, Shoreditch 

What?      A celebration of independent coffee houses

When?     April 25-28th


With the sun shining and a spring in our step, we hit Foley Street, a stop off for an unusual late morning brew just before the lunchtime rush.




L: Expecting to be drinking coffee and eating chocolate muffins out of squatting toilets, the images of Modern Toilet has corrupted my mind even before stepping foot into The Attendant. Big mistake. It’s unfair to compare the two as they have completely different vibes, just like how you wouldn’t compare M&M flavours. The Attendant has a sophisticated feel with the majority of its customers be on their suit and tie from the neighbouring Goodge Street offices looking to stretch their legs. On the other hand, customers are probably thrill seekers drawn to the fun and disturbing nature of its Taiwanese counterpart.

A is on her grind today (bad pun!!), within minutes of entering the cafe she’d already managed to chat up the barista and flipped his brains about the history of this place…

A:  Opened 2 months ago, the once gent’s public toilet was converted to a coffee house purposely done up with minimal renovation. The original features were still intact on the walls such as hand dryers and urinals. Let us pray lots of bleach and Dettol were used in the cleaning process. Walking down the steps into the cafe, I could not mistake that smell of roasted coffee beans, fresh fresh fresh.






L: As I eyed up the menu there were no signs of a complicated list of toppings or flavours. Instead, scribbled onto a chalk board behind the counter choose between 3 types of Espressos with the only difference being what size you wanted them to be.

A: This is for the best, after all coffee is coffee and who needs the confusion of grande and tall when grande is not even grande. There’s also a tempting display of freshly made baguettes and pastries, but I’m just going to order a coffee like the Italians, a quick macchiato stop or ‘fare una pausa’ and back to work.

L: I agree, I’ve eaten too much this week for this blog.




 As part of coffee week, some of the profit from the biscuits will be donated towards the ‘Clean Water Project’.






L: Amen to my large Espresso! It was bitter, nutty and totally foamy at the surface. Save me from the tiredness before it takes me to a land of suicidal abyss.

A: I’m so offended you don’t normally drink fresh coffee, it has so many different layers of flavours compared to your instant. Are you a convert now?

On an end note, we believe The Attendant is so popular for the short period it’s been on the scene is really down to their gorgeous fresh brews, and having a truly unusual interior might have helped too… A perfect exception to don’t shit where you eat.


As of today we officially like to hang out in toilets and fridges.   


Service: 9/10

Food: 8/10

Price: 8/10

To visit The Attendant’s website and view their opening times, click here.

What’s your favourite coffee?


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