Bubbly at Number 70


Bubble Dogs

Walking down Charlotte Street, a real gem in the heart of all the hustle and bustle of Fitzvoria, you will find a restaurant that serves champagne and hotdogs (not bad for a friday night).

Having opened in 2012 by James Knappett and partner Sandia Chang, I’d describe it as what you see is what you get – simple with a selection of 13 different dogs at very affordable £6-£8 a piece. Sloppy joe, horny dog, 4th of July etc (it’s hard to forget these names) are served with a selection of champagne or sparkling wine.

It was a welcoming feeling like walking into someone’s living room, a real homely, cosy feel to it. Looking up I noticed the round lights hanging from the ceiling which could be a depiction of the bubbles you’d find in champagne? Possibly? The playlist in the background played everything from Snoop Doggy Dog to Damien Rice to The Backstreet Boys, we like.

Lu and I ordered The Reuben : with sauerkraut, russian dressing and melted swiss cheese along with The José: with salsa, avocado, sour cream and pickled jalapeños.

After having gone through half a champagne glass, our food arrived. Tucking into our gluten free dog was quite a comical experience with jalapeños and melted cheese dropping as we dived faced first into the hot dog, we were immediately on show to the spectators queuing in the hallway… the question came to mind, how does one eat a hot dog gracefully? 



All in all, perhaps the dogs themselves could have had a little more flavour, Bubble Dogs is an innovative idea whilst not breaking the bank.

Fast food with friends and champers can’t go wrong!

Next on my list a BLT dog with caramelised lettuce and truffle mayo, mmmmmm.

Note: A little wait of one hour. Arrive early! “what are you doing for the summer”?

Location: 10/10

Service: 10/10

Decor: 7/10

Food: 6/10

Price: 8/10


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