The Breakfast Club

BACON. I love you, but not today.

After some shopping in Spitafield market, me and S sought shelter from the crappy mid-march snow in the nearby Breakfast Club in Aldgate. I’ve heard of some great experiences from friends who’d eaten there on a sunday morning after a night out, so I was excited to get some comfort food whilst my senses were all intact in the sobering light of day.

The Breakfast Club is best known for its brunches served 9-5 daily because ‘Its always breakfast time somewhere in the world’. Burgers, bar snacks and salads are also on the menu.




 Pancakes & Berries £6.50


 Pancakes & Bacon £7.50


Actualities – 4 lifeless pieces of something from Sainsbury’s ‘white label’ that I could have bought and microwaved to a crisp. The pancakes were tough to cut into with a knife and I wondered why they replaced the flour with cement mix. The sheer amount of bacon was overwhelming, I was waiting for someone in the room to say who took the bacon from my sandwich? The smoked meat was so salty I still shrivel in dehydration every time I think about it. Ask for IV drip on the side.

On the upside the maple syrup was unlimited, which somewhat salvaged my need for less bacon.

I’m not one to hate but I didn’t like what I ordered, and definitely wish I had what S had – Pancake & Berries. It looked 10x more appealing to begin with and the pancakes were fluffy with the sweetness perfectly balanced by a thick dollop of cream on top.

*Open the blue fridge door and see what happens. Hello Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town*
Location: You will find a chain of this place if you live in central London 9/10

Service: Friendly and chatty waiters 10/10

Decor: I feel inspired to watch the movie now 9/10

Food: Maple syrup was on point 3/10

Price: £7.50 for 4 pancakes and a whole packet of bacon? um … 4/10

– L

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One thought on “The Breakfast Club

  1. We’ve eaten in the Spitalfields and the Soho branches of TBC and have been disappointed by the service every time. Music far too loud to hold a conversation, let alone get the attention of the staff, and a number of times either our order or orders on tables nearby had been brought incorrectly or didn’t arrive at the table at all. Food is always a bit so-so, it never reaches the expectations of ‘brunch heaven’, which is a shame, as it’s the best meal of the day….

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