Fancy a plate of Sashimi floating on liquid nitrogen? 


Gilgamesh restaurant is one of the first venues to welcome you as you step into The Stables market in Camden. With giant tiki heads and tribal carvings, you cannot mistake this restaurant’s eastern aura reflecting influences from Japan, China and Thailand. This venue is perfect for a birthday, date or corporate event with its relaxed ambiance and a blue lapis stone bar serving a host of exotic beverages. It also houses a club that opens until 2am.

The restaurant has a booking system. Use it. It usually gets quite busy even in the middle of the week.

A: Lu and I were immediately greeted by the staff as we stepped off the elevator into the building. First impressions are lasting impressions, and with a very welcoming and knowledgeable team, I was ready to start ticking off my checklist. 

L: I have to echo what A said about the service, it was impressive and we felt attended to every step of the way. 

A+L: We each chose from the Set Menu (£24.50/PP after the 50% discount) – which included 3 starters, a main course and a dessert. In addition we ordered the Chef’s Selection Sashimi from the À la carte menu to share (after a raving review by Fiona, love you girl!). It surely did not disappoint – it was the star of its own production, and the couple on the next table only fuelled our excitement as they manically shouted at us to take a picture.

L: This menu is the winning choice if you are still a student like me (aka broke whilst refusing even the slightest bit of part-time labour) as you get to sample the best of the menu without spending too much on an evening.



Choose from a selection of scallops, tuna, yellow tail, salmon and/or prawns (2 pcs of each, 8 pcs in total £17.10 À la carte)


L: If you have any special dietary requirements, for example a gluten intolerance. Simply kindly ask the waiters who are all equipped to handle this and delicious alternatives will be offered – gluten free Pomello Banh Trang vs duck spring rolls [pictured below].


gilgamesh collage2_Fotor_20130416

From top left clockwise: Pomello Banh Trang, Asparagus & Prawn salad, Duck Spring Rolls, Avocado & Asparagus Sushi, Sea Bass Foie Gras Saffron Dumpling

A: Arriving on a large tray, I was presented with the starters of duck spring rolls and sea bass foie gras saffron dumpling. The spring rolls were crispy and crunchy and I couldn’t ask for more out of the dumplings. But for me it had to be the salmon glazed with a ginger and apple dressing for the main. Perhaps I am being a bit biased as I am a huge fish lover!

gilgamesh salmon_Fotor_20130416

Miso Salmon [top], Lamb Bulgogi & Japanese Chive Mash [bottom]

A: The only down part was the service was a little slow, but it was a busy night and I can’t complain with good food, barrels of laughs and plenty of drinks flowing. It was a fun experience that I highly recommend anyone to try this place out.

L: Each dish had a gorgeous blend of spices that are not overpowering but instead enhanced each other beautifully. The night was made even better by a great company. Aww this is getting cringe now. But what I mean is choose your company wisely – never take the likes of negative Nancys, Debbie downers or moody Margrets out to dinner. EVER.

Location: 8/10

Service: 10/10

Decor: 10/10

Food: 9/10

Price: A tad bit expensive for the sashimi, but overall well priced for its big portions 8/10


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      • Oh! I haven’t had udon noodle salad before! I will have to see if they have it at the Japanese restaurant the next time my aunt and I go!

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